Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sources of inspiration

The view from my window this morning

This week I am responsible for looking after the chickens. This means I have to get up to let them out as soon as it starts to get light. On a cold frosty morning like today it can seem a real chore. That is until I am about half way up the lane and the sun is starting to fill the sky with a hundred different shades of pink, orange, gold and red. There is a gap in the hedge which seems to match up perfectly with where the sun rises at the minute and so you are treated to a framed view. It feels like this is a moment created just for me (and the sheep in the field). 

Up at the allotment, it seems like the frost has picked out every blade of grass, the minute detail on the few leaves left on bare branches and the light is amazing.

By the time I get back from the chickens I am treated to this view of the village church.

I try and store up these memories to tap into and use as inspiration.

My field series was sparked by meeting a pheasant strutting about in the lane.

Several of the very talented guys I have featured on the blog so far have shared their sources of inspiration...

Andy "The penguin came like most things from a train doodle. I spend a lot of time on the train to work and like to use this time to sketch. I tend to let my mind wander. Colour wise, I really like mid century style and I think orange is a pretty good way to go to achieve that look."

Chay Hawes "When I used to have trouble sleeping I would put on the radio and listen to the mellow, gentle tones of the shipping forecast and think about being out there on the sea at night. In this day and age it seems very anachronistic that the forecast is still broadcast in this way, but I'm glad that it is."

Russell Squires " I just simply love the shipping forecast and it s popularity within British popular culture. Hearing the soothing voice of Peter Jefferson over the years has been wonderful.

I typically create traditional hand coated blueprints 'cyanotypes' of planes and thought a map of the UK shipping areas would look great."

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