About Me

So about me...

Well ever since I was a little girl I have been rather obsessed by creation and creativity. An obsession that
was supported and encouraged by my mother who made it her mission to show my sisters and I just how much beauty the world has to offer. So whether it was long country walks learning about wild flowers and berries, helping out at the allotment, visits to museums and art galleries or getting lost in my parents huge and diverse collection of books life seemed full of interest and colour.

Leading up to me setting up Rosie and the Boys I have always been privileged to work in jobs that fed my soul and focussed on something I loved. Highlights included decorating stunning historic venues and letting my imagination run riot in my role as a London event florist,and honing my people skills working with young people. Both roles that are exciting, challenging and not necessarily family friendly!

Now living in a gorgeous and quite tiny village in Bedfordshire, Uk with a husband, two boys and loveable hound, the time seemed right to focus on following my dream to run my own business and create beautiful designs that would bring real joy and pleasure to people.

I hope this blog will be an opportunity to share with you the inspiration and processes behind my work as well as highlight the work of other fabulous designer/ makers and crafts people in the UK. We are a talented lot and like nothing more than to use our skills to create things of beauty and quality which bring joy to others.

Take a look around the blog, enjoy, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question or would like me to create  something especially for you!

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