Thursday, 3 May 2012

Anyone got an ark I could borrow?

As you may know it has been a LOT here in the UK and whilst we are by no means the worst affected, our village is almost surrounded by water! On Tuesday I pottered down to the river to see how high it had got and this is what I saw.

This is one of the drainage ditches that runs behind our house to the river. It was empty last week but is now at least 12" deep.

Here it is just about to feed under the road and into the river. White water!

The brick wall in the left of the shot is where the water from the drain feeds into the river. The river is twice as wide as normal and in the distance is a field (disguised as a lake!)

I wasn't the only one who had popped down to take a look. We all had cameras and all initially felt a little embarrased at being spotted taking pictures. We soon got over that though and enjoyed a good old chin wag! There is normally 2 or 3 feet between the top of the bridge arch and the river.

Looking down strem you get a sense of how fast the water is flowing. Even though the sluice gates had been opened to deliberately flood the marshes the water still engulfed Terry's field to the left.

My friend's boat house - the boats might float out of it soon!

River or lake - you decide!

Geese enjoying a swim in Terry's field. He says the water will be great for the grass its just unfortunate that he needs to put lambs on it! He had to move 130 sheep yesterday to keep them safe and dry.

One of the roads out the village. In the distance you can see a car trying to decide if it can make it.

The care decides to find another route. Unfortunately the water rose even higher yesterday (and I assume today cos it rained all night) and a car got stuck. A local councillor towed him by hand with a rope. After a photo opportunity I think!

Most of us have been enjoying the changing landscape and accept that occasionally these things happen but it has really hampered deliveries - not good when you need things urgently, and made Terry the farmer's life more complicated whilst he is still lambing. If you have been similarly affected by the weather I hope your house is safe and dry. If you are reading this whilst enjoying the sunshine - can you send us some please!

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