Thursday, 17 May 2012

Interview with Trish Middleton

As I have probably said many, many times before, one of the things that I love about Etsy is the possibility it provides to stumble across someone who is creating truly beautiful and amazing work. Without the magic of the Internet you would probably never see their work and be able to share it with others.  Earlier this month I stumbled upon Trish Middleton's collage cards and got in touch with her to ask if she'd do an interview for this blog. Here it is....

1.Tell us a bit more about yourselfI live in the countryside with my partner and little girl Maia. We moved here last year which was a huge change from town life but we’ve all embraced the change, fresh air and everything else that comes with country living! I feel my creativity is at my best for years since moving here and daily walks on the beach help also!
I love art and design and cannot imagine doing anything else in my working life!  My background is in textile design specializing in weaving but have dabbled in many different art mediums and currently am loving collage.
I was made redundant after having my little girl and found myself panicking as to what to do next and realized that it was probably the best thing that happened to me as now I could have full control over my own artwork and design. So here I am, slowly building my own business and hope that it will be successful.

2. You mention that in the past you have done lots of designing for other people but are now designing for yourself.  Can you tell us more about your design background?

As I mentioned, my background is in textile design but since leaving college, I worked mainly in the interior design industry but also worked for a while in the costume jewellery business. I’ve gained valuable experience working for other people in business but you never have total control over a design so I’m happy now that I have,  although I always value other people’s opinions, after al,l I need to know what the customer wants!
I’ve also done quite a few commissions particularly with my felt work with which I worked for a few years. I made art work combining felt, copper wire, fabric and stitching. Since moving, I just don’t have the space and can’t seem to find the time with all the renovations, work, daily life and of course looking after my beautiful bundle of joy! I do intend to get back to this also at some stage.
I believe that we can never stop learning new techniques in art and design and whatever suits you and makes you happy at any stage in your life – go for it!

3.What are the highlights of being a designer/maker?

Sometimes I used to wish that I would be happy in a 9 to 5 job whenever I had a creative block! But nothing compares to the self- satisfaction of creating something.
I also love the freedom of using your own mind and having full control over what you do. And nothing compares to that feeling of someone buying something that you’ve put your heart and soul into!
 I also love when creative minds come together and share their thoughts and work – it’s good to share views and ideas - it opens up new possibilities and avenues to explore.

4. Your collage work is amazing. Is this a medium you have a particular passion for? What do you like about it?

Thank you for your compliment (I hope many others will think the same!) and may I return it! – I’ve seen your work!! Funnily enough, collage was something that in earlier years I would have found difficult to understand! But then I came across artist, Jonathan Yeo and my world changed. He is an all- rounder, an amazing artist in every medium but I was drawn to his collages and suddenly I started to take interest. He’s arty, gutsy and expresses his mind regardless of what others think. I’m a huge fan!
In my art work, I love the thinking process, the thrawling through magazine images (ahem! – it’s part of my workJ)!, taking photos and trying to image them all together to make that perfect design. I just love the process.

5. The four cards you have listed on Etsy all have a Nature theme. What does nature mean to you and your work?

I love nature. I grew up on a farm, couldn’t wait to move on, moved to the city, then to a town and funnily enough have ended up back in the place I spent so much of my youth trying to get out of as have many of my friends! My house is filled with plants and flowers, and I have started to grow my own vegetables! If I had my own way, I’d have much much more but I’m not sure whether my partner and daughter want to live in the botanic gardens!!
I have a lot more designs done and must put them on my blog Trish Middleton Design on Blogger. I haven’t put them on Etsy yet as I wanted to see how the 1st few designs were received.
I do intend to expand into other themes rather than all nature based cards but just can’t seem to tear myself away from them yet- I guess it’s where my life is at the moment!

6. Which part of the creative process do you particularly enjoy - and why?

I just love that eureka moment when you get an idea and think ‘YES’ that’ll work! And of course when the final product is to your satisfaction! I can be very self- critical so at that moment when I like my own work, I’m extremely pleased!

7. What's the view from your workspace like?

The view from my work space at the moment is my back garden because I’m working from my kitchen table  which is a little bit of a pain but I am in the process of getting my own space decorated. I just can’t wait! The decorating process is slow on our house and of course we always find other things to spend money on so I’ve kinda been left on the back burner, but fingers crossed that I’ll get my space very soon!!!

8. What inspires you?
Life, human-nature, wild life, music. Anything that you have to think about and anything that gives you peace of mind! My daughter inspires me – I cannot believe how imaginative, creative, intelligent and fun loving our little monsters are!!! They are also so confident and trusting! Why can’t these qualities last a life time?  I have learnt a lot from her so far.  It’s amazing!

9. I really like the textures you used in your work - particularly on the squirrel. Do you spend hours searching for particular textures or create pieces around material that you have found?

 Yes. It can take quite a while to find the texture required for a collage but I love thrawling through magazines and take lots and lots of photographs. I also find a lot of inspiration in fabrics. Thank you for liking the squirrel – it’s one of my favorites too but some people find the hair a little scary!! That’s what I love about it!
Mostly, I create the image, silhouette or cut out 1st and then I look for images to suit my needs but sometimes a photograph will inspire an image in my mind!  There’s pattern and texture everywhere you look!

10. What can we look forward to from Trish Middleton Design in 2012?

A lot more designs! New inspiration. I hope to sell in exclusive shops around Ireland and exhibit more collages! I’m very new to this online technology so please be patient with me. I need to organize my time better to be able to update my blog on a daily basis and of course sell more! Thank you to everyone for their support! Trish x x

You can visit Trish's Etsy shop by clicking here

or her Facebook page by clicking here


  1. Really lovely things :-) very clever! Ali

  2. Fabulous creations, a true artist! Zita

  3. Stunning cards, I love the mix of different patterns and colours that u use behind the cut outs! Emma

  4. really love your cards Trish! :)


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