Monday, 23 January 2012

more musings on the shipping forecast and my map

Tomorrow I am hoping to have a full day to work on creating! In preparation for this I am going to employ a method a housemate from university adopted on an annoyingly frequent basis. It goes something like this:

Decide on topic for piece of work. Look at some books/pictures etc on this topic. Fall asleep. Wake up refreshed the next morning and create a blinding piece of work! Here's hoping!!

So as a start here are some more results from the "look at book/picture stage":

This woodcut print by Jono Sandilands really captures my thoughts about Vikings. What's more Jono is based in Lerwick (a relative stone's throw from my sister in Fair Isle which is featured in the shipping forecast!). I love the dark brooding nature, and the way the viking ship is fearless in treacherous seas.

This beautiful wallet from Dark Ages Leather reminds me of sea monsters and the carved figureheads of Viking longships.

Speaking of sea monsters this Kraken cuff from Jezebel Charms features a dreaded monster that is rumoured to live off the coast of Norway and Iceland. I love the mix of fascination and fear!

Something about this piece of pottery from Scottish Beach Finds reminded me of old maps, sea charts and far away places.

This amazing piece by Crumpet Time Comics really evokes the perilous nature of the sea and the fear that we all have of something lurking out there in the deep.

I lived in Finland for a year so this jumped out but I love the idea of music involved with the sea - seems very appropriate with the poetry of the Shipping Forecast. Even more appropriate when I find out that Rima the artist was inspired after listening to a programme on Radio 4! Follow the link to find out more..

Well now to bed and to dream dreams of Vikings, songs of the sea and the wild North...


  1. Thanks for blogging about the Beard Sea woodblock print.
    Your project sounds interesting, the shipping forecast is quite inspiring!

    About the print:
    Some process pictures here:

    A4 - 1 colour woodcut print on 270gsm Harvest GFSmith Colorplan paper.

    The original concept came from a doodle-a-day week some friends and I undertook. On day one I sketched the wavy lines of sea, and the next day when I looked at it I saw a beard, hence "Beard Sea". I added the viking ship as a homage to the Viking culture and the Up Helly Aa fire festival, which happens here in Shetland every January.

    I thought the final would really lend its self to woodblock, so I got about carving also taking inspiration from the beautifully crafted long ships and viking attire.

    It's a great time of year to visit Shetland, the fire festival really is something you have to see!

    Thanks again

  2. Hi Rosie,

    Thanks so much for the feature :) As with most of my creations my inspiration stems from literature and the Kraken is the 'monster' from Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea....spoiler alert....the monster is actually Captain Nemo's ship Nautilus.



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