Friday, 13 January 2012

Grey, blue, orange

I'm about to start an online marketing ecourse. As a taster I had a live shop review of my etsy shop with the company that will be running the course One of the very fair comments that they made was that my Etsy banner doesn't yet seem to be as crisp and lovely as it should be :(.

I was all too aware of this and have been wanting to change the banner for a while. So, I've decided to stick with my "corporate" colours of grey, blue and orange and create a papercut or collage of my logo in that scheme. I'll then photograph it and hopefully my banner will look better! In preparation, I've been browsing Etsy on those colour searches.  Here's what I found:

This cushion is by FunMakesGood (who incidentally are running a promotion this weekend!)

I like the colour combination obviously but I was very taken with how the colours worked together to pop out of the design; look blurred or ultra crisp.

This very stylish IPad sleeve is handmade by CaseClosedUK 

The confident use of two colours and the simplicity of the design really stood out.

I love everything about this print from yumalum and could spend hours drooling over all the lovely prints.  Crisp, cool and yummy!

This geometric cushion cover from Thirtyfive Flowers shows to quote my A level art teacher "how colours can have a conversation with each other". This is a good conversation.

If I was well designed as this penguin from speakersfive I'd be boasting too.

Now I just have to go and find the right grey, the right blue and the right orange and creat something which lives up to the high standard set by these guys. Gulp!

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