Sunday, 22 January 2012

creative maps

I have lots of ideas whirling around my head at the moment which I hope are going to crystalise into some clear designs. I keep thinking about the shipping forecast and how I used to imagine the places mentioned visually. Often my imaginings bore little resemblance to the reality of the places. This got me thinking about creative and perhaps fantastical maps.  Here are the results of my own mystery tour of the creative internet this afternoon.

This tree map of pubs in North London is one of a series of fantastic creative maps from Liam Roberts. I have very fond memories of Upper Street and Islington in general and thought this was a truly brilliant idea.
My kind of geography - everyone knows there are sea monsters living off the coast of south america - here's the map to prove it! I love this animal world map from stitchink
                   I love the way Kate Gilman Brundrett has depicted place names in this poster.


  1. Hi Rosie

    Thanks for posting my animal map, I have always had a thing for maps, either real or imagined. I once heard that when the Vikings were making their maps they drew in the bits they knew and when they ran out of geographical knowledge they just made it up! (I hope this makes sense) Quite dangerous for the unsuspecting map follower...
    There really are sea monsters off the coast of south america and salt water hippos off the coast of Africa.

    Happy journey :)

    Jenny (

  2. Thanks for showing the map Rosie! Lovely work...!


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