Saturday, 14 January 2012

Etsy Banner Version 1!

 Stage 1:
 This is the very carefully cut out logo elements complete with some orange wool to form the wires and my trusty Xacto knife.

Stage 2

I spent quite a lot of time wandering around the house trying to catch the right light and the right shade of grey. I ended up blu takking the various elements to my slate grey chimney breast. I then took a LOT of photos in the hope that one would be the right quality and scale to play around with on the computer.

Stage 3:

Etsy have a very tricky pixel ratio for their banner space - 760 x 100. It is really really hard (well I think it is) to scale anything to that size without losing the image quality. Despite using an 8mb photo it still lost some of the clarity around the text when I scaled the image down. But still I am quite pleased with the result. I might try using large scale cutout elements tomorrow and see if that improves things but for now I think my grey, blue and orange banner looks alright.  Feedback is welcome!

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