Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A flash of inspiration

There are times when the pressure of a deadline stifles inspiration and try as you might you cannot think of what to do. Tonight has been one of those nights and I had pretty much decided to give up and go to bed. I have to create a birthday card by the end of tomorrow. Open brief, fussy client (me) and very special recipient (my daddy).

So, the flash of inspiration? When we moved to the village last winter, we were treated to a snow day. We walked around the winter wonderland in complete awe at how beautiful everything was. When we got to the bridge over the river I looked out to see a kingfisher sitting in a willow tree only a few metres away. And then as is always the way in a flash it was gone.

Tomorrow I will use a kingfisher as the theme for my dad's card.  Today I'll show you the work of some other UK artists who have been inspired by this amazing bird.

This stunning bird is the work of the very brilliant Alice Tams. My bird obsessed family will love her shop Birds in Hats. The colours are just gorgeous; seeing a Kingfisher is a privilege and I think this card really captures that.
This digital print is from a drawing Simon Alderson used as a cartoon to create a stunning glass panel. I think he has captured the way a Kingfisher sits perfectly. It took me right back to the river.
This stunning piece by Julia Barber of Pink Amaryllis Designs captures just how bright the plumage is. You can never quite believe a bird can be that colourful. I think the choice of background really works to accentuate the bird in this piece.


  1. Hi Rosie, thanks a lot for my mention. I'd wanted to do a kingfisher for ages but thought a crown might be too cliche.. but in the end realized nothing else would suit it, and made sure I found a nice red one to go with it's blue/green plumage! Good luck with your fathers card :) xxx

  2. Hi Rosie thanks for shareing my draing, what greater bird is there than the Regal Kingfisher, his scaled plumage work brilliantly with my style and as you say this drawing is then used to traditionaly paint and fire the little fellow onto glass.

  3. After 3 days finally fixed the problem that was preventing me from commenting on any blogs!

    Thanks so much Rosie for posting my Kingfisher print - I was inspired by catching the odd glimpse of them as they skimmed over the water here on the Norfolk broads - truly beautiful birds.
    Really like your card you have really captured the shimmery feathers :)


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