Saturday, 24 March 2012

The ultimate 500m walk

Spring seems to have sprung in our village and the sun has been encouraging us to venture out. So for today's sneak peak I thought I would share some of the sights on our 500m walk to the allotment. It really is heaven for my little boys.

The majority of our walk is up a lane. We pass a number of traditional stone cottages including the home of our best friends and a lovely lady my son calls Bertie (Betty)! This little stretch of lane often acts as a meeting point as we commonly bump into other villagers going to or from the allotments. A 5min walk often takes a lot longer than planned!

Past the houses we go past a stables, a builder's yard and a garage where they mend racing cars!

Then we go past the field with Terry's rams. Not long till their lambs are born though these handsome fellas don't strike me as anxious expectant fathers!

 Next to the ram's field is this magnificent walnut tree. Heaven knows how old it is but we had a bumper crop of walnuts from it last year. It is technically in the hedgerow so everyone can gather nuts from it. And we do! Most of the village enjoyed collecting some. The nuts are so sweet and taste completely different to those bought from shops. My eldest became quite adept at cracking open the shells.

A little further up and we turn the corner into the allotment. These girls are always crowding round the gate hoping that you are going to bring them some corn!

One of the families we share ownership of the chickens with keeps bees in this apple orchard which is on the allotment site.

Then it's past Terry's fine array of farm machinery....

And finally our walk ends at our allotment. The pictures below are of some of our neighbours plots.

 On a cold frosty morning when it is dark and raining this 500m can seem a very long way to let the chickens out. On a sunny day or glorious summer evening it is absolute magic and the walk can't last long enough.

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