Tuesday, 27 March 2012

An American treat

A while ago I did a swap with a fellow Etsy seller Emily who runs Love and Laughter. We swapped two of my cards for a fabric stationery wrap made by Emily. Here is one of my cards in its new home with Emily's treasures.

Somewhere along the line the postal service intervened and I've had to wait quite a while for my swap to arrive. But it has finally arrived - hooray! And it is certainly a treat! A very big thank you to Emily. And if you'd like one of your very own then check out Emily's shop here

I absolutely love the fabric. It is so bright and cheery and something that I will enjoy looking at as well as using.

The stationery wrap looks absolutely beautiful when tied together and I think it will be secure enough to wrap my knives in (with guards on!)

There are three handy pocket so plenty of room for everything.

A truly scrummy Tuesday treat!

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