Friday, 30 March 2012

Fuelled by Tea

I spent most of yesterday cutting straight lines, very, very slowly to try and make sure that the template design for a commissioned series of cards is as perfect as possible. Work like this requires a lot of concentration and it is both mentally and physically tiring (not that I am complaining!). In such circumstances I resort to good old fashioned British tea breaks to keep me focused. I find that stopping fairly regularly helps prevent me from losing focus and making a mistake or suffering from cramp in my hands.

So in honour of tea (aka British rocket fuel!) I thought it would be nice to feature some of the various paraphernalia that goes along with a cuppa.

1: This upcycled tea pot from Esther Coombs on Etsy caught my eye. I really like that she has made a very uninspiring and outdated floral teapot and brought bang up to the minute with a hand drawn tower block design.

2. These stunning hand thrown porcelain mugs are made by Dave Green Ceramics (found on Folksy). They actually leave me lost for words I think they are so beautiful.

3. This mug from Caractacus Pots (found on Folksy) is impressed with the pattern of cable arran knitting. White on white and textured ceramics are key trends this year - so this mug is very appropriate. I really like functional art and I definitely think this mug fits into that category. I'm sure it would feel lovely to hold as well.

4.Sometimes you need things that make you feel special. Drinking tea from this beautifully decorated tea cup and saucer would certainly do that. Yvonne Ellen has a fabulous Folksy shop featuring a number of beautiful and unique hand decorated vintage cups and saucers. I struggled to limit myself to just one.

5. I'm sure we had a very similar spoon to this at my parents house which was used to scoop leaf tea into the teapot. (Leaf tea is the norm for my parents and a much enjoyed luxury for me when I visit!) This lovely spoon is from fannyandlil on Etsy

6. I have a weakness for tea caddies (not a sentence you often read, but true all the same!). Being the Diamond Jubilee year this lovely caddy from emmalovesxxx on Etsy seemed very topical. I love the colours.

7. Simple, beautiful. This dish is one of a number made by Little Bobbins on Etsy.


  1. What a great selection of goodies!! Thanks for including mine..Off to make a cuppa now...Cheers from Susan at Caractacus Pots

  2. Oh how I love tea paraphernalia! What wonderful finds, thank you very much for including my tea dish :)


  3. Tea's great isn't it.
    Thanks for including my cups.
    Dave Green Ceramics

  4. I honestly wouldn't get through the day without tea!


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