Thursday, 29 March 2012

Frame it!

One of the joys and challenges of working with paper cuts is that you have to create a design that links together. This means that you need to use your imagination to link aspects of the design without it looking forced or odd. A really good method is to use a decorative border. I cannot get frames and borders out of my head at the minute - I think because they will probably be integral to my animal fair cut.

So today I thought I would show some examples of paper cutting artists' work who use frames really well.

Image - Made by Julene
Julene Harrison is seriously talented. I heartily recommend taking a look at her site if you would like to spend an hour or so drooling at her beautiful work. One of the things I most admire about her typography work is the clever way she links things together and encloses the design in a gorgeous border. It doesn't look forced, it is an integral part of the design and adds to the image.

Image - Rob Ryan
Rob Ryan is perhaps one of the most well known paper cutting artists. I thought this piece was a really good example of how a frame doesn't have to seem like a frame. In this piece the heart blossoms organically into the birds and branches border. It doesn't look like a border and yet it is serving that function - the heart couldn't be in the picture without it. Genius. Again if you want to spend hours drooling here's the link

Image - Suzy Taylor

This is a recent commission done by Suzy Taylor. Here the tree and grass bank merge with the border. Its seamless but vital. Check out Suzy's blog for more paper cutting loveliness and great explanations of little devices she uses to keep a piece as one. (Look at the stars in the river)

All three of these artists are hugely inspirational for me. I love that all 3 are UK artists who have gone out there and shown how fantastic paper cuts can be. Who inspires you?

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