Saturday, 10 March 2012

Party at HQ

A bit of a lie in at Rosie and the Boys HQ today as we are celebrating the youngest boy's 1st Birthday! Known to us as Dove, we can't believe that it's only been a year - we can't remember what life without him was like!

So in honour of Dove's special day and to give you an idea of what might be coming up in designs later in the year I thought I would show you the birthday card I've made for him.

Cut directly into the card I've included two doves, a star and a heart in the design as well as his date of birth and lots of stripes. When I edited the photo I emphasised the shadows to help you see the cut more clearly.

I put some coloured paper behind the design in this shot. The great thing about cutting directly into the card is that you can then add any coloured paper as a card insert. So it could be as masculine or feminine a colour scheme as you like!

I cut the card last night and the shadow effect on the inside of the card when it was in artificial light was really stunning. I waited until this morning to take the photos though so the effect isn't as clear (especially as the sun kept disappearing behind clouds!) but hopefully you can still get the idea.

Decorative number cut outs are definitely something I will be exploring - I'm thinking special birthdays, wedding anniversaries, important dates etc. I'll keep you posted. 

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