Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Spotlight - Collectini

Each week the Sunday Spotlight will shine on someone who has captured my imagination and has real talent that I feel should be celebrated. This week the lovely folks at Collectini started following me on Twitter. (me @rosieandtheboys  them @collectini.) That's how I came to discover them and the beautiful things that they have found.

For those of you who have been reading the blog for a while, you'll probably have guessed that I have a weakness for vintage. To me there's vintage hmm and there's vintage wow.  There is a lot of skill in curating an interesting and beautiful collection. Being able to imagine how something could be given new life, displayed or used in a home is a talent.  Successful curators and collectors can help others see the beauty and value in items that for whatever reason are in search of a new home.

Collectini seem to have that talent. It was evident to me from looking at their blog: and then backed up massively by their lovely Etsy shop

So here are a few of the items available for sale right now in their Etsy shop which show off their skill.

Such a pretty jewellery box which would suit a little girl or an adult. Great colours, interesting picture and obvious functionality. Love it.

Simply beautiful

Would look great hanging against a retro patterned wallpaper or a brilliant white background. A great conversation piece and just delightful to look at.

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