Friday, 23 March 2012

Music - a powerful tool

Probably since A level art I have used music as a means of inspiration, motivation and as an energy booster. I am amazed at the effect that different types of music can have on my work. It has taken a number of years to harness that effect and use music as a tool but I am really pleased to have discovered certain albums that are almost guaranteed to result in a massive jump in creativity.

So I thought I'd share a few of those albums with you today accompanied by some luscious visuals from talented UK designer/makers.

1: Music Icon Belt by Witty and Charming
2: Blues Badges by Inkspills
3: Custom headphones by InkHeart Kicks
4: Retro Poster Print by yumalum

Fleetwood Mac - Whenever I hear Fleetwood Mac a lot of memories come flooding back. I associate their music with some very special people. Their music is a great tool for helping me stop, down tools and focus on the important stuff - the ones you love.

This album is part of my husband's collection. When we got married and thus combined our music collection I was amazed at how complimentary they were. We had a lot of duplicates but each of us had explored some music to a greater extent than our spouse. This was an album that I was introduced to and fell in love with. Its a great tool for general working and for getting my head in the right place to work. It also reminds me that my husband is super cool!

1: Music 8x10 print from Lola's Room 2: Ready to Go print from Lyric a day
3: London Music Screen Print from LucyLovesThis
4. Elvis Costello T shirt from mrclouddotcom

Donald Byrd - again from my husbands collection and a reminder of how cool both my husband and Donald Byrd are. Guaranteed to get me singing. A great tool for getting me through monotonous tasks - like the accounts!

Guaranteed to get me working. An ideal tool for accompanying a piece from start to finish (I'll often play it on loop).  Although the album has very strong links to my time at uni, it is memory free (if that makes sense) which makes it ideal to work to because I can enjoy the beauty of Eva's voice without wandering down memory lane.

There are so many great albums that I could have included. I'd love to find out about the albums that are special to you.

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