Friday, 9 March 2012

Tools of the trade

Each Friday I will be focusing in on part of the paper cutting process...

It seems logical to start with a fundamental tool - a knife. Currently I use Xacto knives; I got given one and liked it so just kept on with it. All my knives are pretty basic even though there are more luxurious versions with cushioned grips. The knives are really nicely weighted so they just feel right in your hand. One day I might experiment but I suspect not!

Xacto produce a variety of knife blades that fit into a range of handles. The only exception is the swivel blade (shown bottom right) where the knife handle is specially designed to take the knife blade which comes in a plastic holder. Each blade cuts differently and is designed for various tasks but my absolute favourites are the #11 blade and the swivel blade. #11 is a great all rounder in my opinion and apart from the tip occasionally breaking off if you press too hard has never let me down. (well except for the time I sliced my hand open...)

If you've got any questions or would like to know more about my trusty tools of the trade feel free to post a comment below!

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