Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lust for leather

Today's spotlight is on the beautiful leather goodies of Tovi and Corrie. Each week I like to do a shop local search on Etsy and see what I find. It is a great way of discovering new and very talented people that otherwise you might not come across.

Tovi and Corrie say "All our leather accessories are hand made to order out of 100% fine kid skin leather and cow hide. All the graphic designs are original and are printed directly on to the leather."

I chose to feature Tovi's beautiful designs because I couldn't find a single thing in the shop I didn't like or want! This shop to me is an example of why UK handmade is worth shouting about - fantastic quality, original ideas and generally gorgeous.

Feast your eyes......and then check out the fabulous tovicorrie Etsy shop

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