Friday, 16 March 2012

And the winner is...

At 3pm yesterday afternoon my mum dutifully picked a name out of the hat to decide the winner of this week's Tuesday Treat Giveaway.  Drumroll please .......and the winner is........AMY! Runners up will also receive 2 cards in their chosen colours. Congratulations Polly, Alex and Karen!

Thank you to everyone who entered this week's Tuesday Treat. Various shades of pink all seemed popular choices so I'll get down to work over the weekend to produce the first box of  pink papercut roses. They're going to be luscious!

For today's focus I wanted to show you some of the blogs which inspire me, motivate me and generally give me a kick start if I have a "creative rut".

One of the amazing and brilliant things about the web is the ability it gives us to share knowledge, ideas and information.  The thing I love about blogs is that they provide the opportunity to "meet", learn from, and share ideas with people from all over the world.

I don't formally have a blog roll yet but here are some blogs that would be on it.

(image - Vicki Dvorak - - colour inspiration. I only found this very recently but immediately recognised Vicki Dvoraks images from Etsy. - I am a great admirer of Camilla's (I do worry she might think I'm obsessed). I am so thrilled to see her being given the credit she truly deserves and her work always  inspires me to do better, be more creative and adventurous, and have fun.

image - I love the colours and skill that are present in the cushions made by Sister Batik. The blog is always interesting and full of visuals.

image - A blog that Camilla suggested to me and I mentioned the other day. Really interesting posts, aspirational and luscious images.

image - A blog I discovered yesterday and shall often be returning to. A fascinating selection of articles with great graphics.

Happy browsing folks!


  1. I don't think you're obsessed at all (although I would be thrilled if you were)! In fact, I think you're super brilliant and your blog posts always make me very happy indeed. I'm a huge fan of yours and think the way your spread your knowledge and inspiration is hugely generous, and totally fascinating. Please don't stop! x


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