Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tasty treat

Today's post is about taking the time to treat yourself.

Yesterday we popped to the neighbouring village to visit the post office and get some take away tea for some tree surgeons (more about that in a future post!).  My eldest seems to have come to the conclusion that a visit to this village - which has a bakery - means that he will get a gingerbread man. He seemed so sure of this fact that when I listed the jobs I was going to do in the village he added "and get a gingerman".

Reader - I succumbed and both my boys did indeed get a "gingerman". Mainly because I absolutely love the joy on my son's face when he receives his biscuit treat.

So in the firm belief that everyone deserves a treat I thought that this lovely tea towel from Etsy designer Madillustration might inspire you to bake yourself a tasty treat:

Image - Madillustration

And if that's not enough inspiration check out this luscious blog post from Emma-Kate Photography.

Image - Emma-Kate Photography

Enjoy - and if you have been inspired to bake some gingerbread why not send me a picture?

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