Saturday, 21 April 2012

Office makeover

It is a very slow process but I am trying to make my workspace look like an office/studio rather than a back bedroom! Space is at a premium and I need to make the most of the storage I have.

I know lots of people have started to use blackboard paint on furniture - so I've joined the crowd.  The idea is that my storage can also act as my to do list planner!

So here is the before and after:

You may notice a little flash of bubblegum pink. I've painted the insides of the cupboards in a bubblegum pink gloss paint and will soon be decorating them with decoupage.  I wanted to have a nice mix of professional business like and creative goes wild.  I find bright colours really inspirational and uplifting so thought it would be good to make the inside of the cupboards into something fun.

On a recent trip to London I treated myself to a gorgeous selection of door knobs from Anthologie

This is my understated splash of colour for the outside of the cupboard doors.

And they really stand out against the blackboard paint. Each door knob has a different shape, textrue and colour mix. Perfect for indecisive creative types!

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