Monday, 23 April 2012

Inspirational Hockney

Thanks to a very very kind and generous friend of my aunt's I was able to go to the David Hockney exhibition (which has just finished) at the Royal Academy. I went with my very dear friend Amy and as you may have gathered from her guest post here yesterday - we had a fabulous time.

I was really hoping to share some of my favourite pictures from the exhibition with you but copyright (which is there for a reason) isn't playing ball. So because I am desperate to talk about David Hockney (who is marvellous!) I thought perhaps I could direct you to his site so you can see the pictures here and also bring to your attention a site I came across which features a walk around the various places that Hockney features here.

My husband has a great talent for landscape photography and seeing the innovative way that Hockney has captured landscape has inspired me to commission some local landscape collages. I'll post the results.

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