Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Sport Section

Another Etsy search another great find. Today's spotlight is on Sam Osborne. Sam describes herself as "a thinker of creative things, a doer of designery things and a maker of imaginative things."  In her lovely colourful shop you will find a fabulous selection of designer prints, cards and gifts. Sam says "I love bright colours, vintage textures and modern style and my work is mostly a mashup of pattern and typography with a healthy dash of wit."

Image - Sam Osborne

I was really attracted by the bright colours in Sam's shop. It is a visual feast - especially on a gloomy day like today has been. What kept me hooked was the sport themed prints that she has created. Let me explain. My beloved is an absolute sport fanatic - to the extent that he will spend hours playing, reading about and watching sport. This is fairly common knowledge amongst our circle and so birthday cards always have a sports theme. And it is here where I must confess I get angry. Being a greetings card designer and maker I spend a lot of time looking at greetings cards and it always strikes me that men get a raw deal when it comes to cards. It's like someone has said "oh just bung a picture of a footballer on it and that'll do". To be fair to them my husband is generally chuffed with any card that has a picture of a football on it but as I know how much enjoyment he gets from finding out bizarre little facts about sport and has a collection of sports books that rivals the British Library I can't help thinking he deserves a little more.

Image - Sam Osborne
Now back to Sam (sorry for the distracting rant!). Sam has created a fantastic range of prints that cater to the sports enthusiast. She has done her research and tried to present work that is not only visually appealing but interesting as well.

Have a look at these lovely things and if like me you want to go a bit further than a card with a football on it for the sports enthusiast in your life why not head on over to her lovely Etsy shop?

For Cricket Enthusiasts - image Sam Osborne

For Motorsport fans - image Sam Osborne
Rugby supporters - image Sam Osborne


  1. Great gift ideas for all sports lover. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad I stopped by from EBT. Welcome to the team!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and the lovely welcome.


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