Friday, 13 April 2012

Design Classic

Thanks to my wonderful parents I am the proud owner of a very beautiful and very useful design classic. An Anglepoise 1227. I suspect this lamp originally belonged to my dad and was his desk lamp as a student. It then obviously made the move with him when he married mum and until a couple of years ago had been residing in my parents spare room!

I borrowed the lamp a couple of years ago and sort of hung on to it. Eventually I felt I should probably ask if my parents wanted it back. To my delight they said no! So the beautiful lamp now resides on my desk and is immensely useful. I like to think of it as the gymnast of the lighting world - able to bend, swivel and contort into an amazing number of positions which is great when I am papercutting and need to focus light on a specific area without casting shadows.

So today in honour of my beautiful lamp I compiled these images to highlight how beautiful and timeless a design the Anglepoise 1227 is:

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