Thursday, 19 April 2012

Magical menagerie

Last Friday we went along to the Natural History Museum at Tring. I have very fond memories of visiting the museum when I was a little girl but hadn't been for a long time. It seemed like a perfect family day out and a great source of inspiration for me (in preparation for my Animal Fair pieces). Plus it is free entry!

The museum is made up of animals collected by Lord Rothschild. Unlike the majority of his family who are in the financial world, he chose to follow his passion for zoology.

This picture of him tells a 1000 words:

The family gifted the museum and its collections to the nation a long time ago but the Natural History Museum have transformed the place since my last visit as a little girl. I am thrilled that they have managed to keep the feeling of a victorian collector's curiosity whilst making the displays accessible and appealing to children. Lots of interactive games and information along with the sheer delight of looking at a mandrill's brightly coloured bottom!

The exhibits are displayed in very low light and there is glass everywhere so it was quite difficult to get good pictures but here are a selection of the best ones.

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