Thursday, 26 April 2012

Beautiful specimens

A very early start for me today as I was going to the wholesaler to get flowers for tomorrow's demonstration at Tea for Eve. I was just about awake by the time I got to the wholesaler's at 6am! After much deliberating and cogitation I picked the flowers and headed for the tills. On my way I had to go through the sundries section. Glass ware is my weakness and I must confess dear reader that I succumbed.

Straight in front of me was a fabulous display of apothecary and bell jars. It was a little hallelujah moment because I have been on the hunt for these for ages. I'll show you why next week but for now feast your eyes on these lovely inspirational images.

Image - Andy Paiko

Image- International Visuals

Image - sweetpealondon

Image - Camille Styles

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