Friday, 3 February 2012

one of a kind

This hauntingly beautiful paper cut and doll are made by Melodie Stacey. In her Etsy profile she says "The main reason I enjoy making my dolls is that every one has it's own individual character, no two dolls are the same." When you look at Melodie's shop and her work you see a theme, important and unique to her that she has expressed with great talent. Even though Melodie uses different mediums, you see the same "soul" in the pieces she creates.

As I looked for words to support and reassure a fellow Etsy seller struggling to protect her work from being copied, I found myself focusing on how impossible it is to copy the "essence" of someone's work.

One aspect of my paper cuts that I really enjoy is that they reflect the movement of my hand. If someone looked over a piece with a magnifying glass, they could see the story of the cut: where I lifted my hand, when I changed knife blade, where I started and finished a cut.

Handcrafted goods are valuable because they are hand crafted. They are connected to the maker in a way that mass produced goods just can't be.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my work. :)
    Paper cutting is fairly new venture for me, but I really enjoy it and with time hopefully will improve.
    My dolls are quite precious to me and I love turning them into their own little characters.They take hours of work but I love making them.
    Your work is beautiful and very professional, That is something I need to work on I think!

    Many Thanks
    Melodie Stacey


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