Monday, 27 February 2012

David Hockney

I've just caught the last 10 mins of a programme about David Hockney's latest exhibition on BBC2. It is a long time since I have stood transfixed but I was rooted to the spot. You can watch it on Iplayer here:

I am desperate to go and see the exhibition at the Royal Academy.

From what they say on the website I will be going to see it late at night!

I have always had a soft spot for Hockney because he's from Bradford, like my mum and he loves Yorkshire - like my mum! This exhibition has really struck a chord because it features East Yorkshire, where I went to university and where I spent many glorious days wandering the countryside. Hockney's use of colour in these works is breath taking and captures just how bloomin' beautiful spring and Yorkshire are. Do take a look at the Royal Academy website and go to the exhibition if you can. I'd love to hear if you've already been.

A little perusing on Folksy led me to the talented Rob Soar who has featured East Yorkshire in his work.

This is a picture of the lighthouse at Spurn Point. You can walk down a spit of land for several miles until it ends at this lighthouse. The land is so narrow at the bottom you are metres from the sea on either side of you. You can watch the ferries coming into the Humber Estuary and then slowly walk back to the cafe for a hot cup of tea and a toasted tea cake. A truly beautiful place, even on a cloudy, cold and rainy day.

Do check out Rob's work at his Folksy shop which you can find here. He's got great confidence with colour - just like Hockney!

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