Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Interview with Camilla Westergaard from ButterscotchBeesting

You may remember that I featured the work of Camilla recently. I was so impressed with her lovely things that I wanted to know more! Camilla very kindly agreed to be put in the hot seat and answer some of my questions.

So without further ado:

1. You've got a really strong story with fabulous characters which feature in your designs. Do you find this helps you when creating or do you sometimes want to escape from the circus?

I never want to escape! I only wish I could move there. For me, it really helps to a have a story to work with. I guess it's a bit like illustrating a book – it gives you a starting point, and as all the characters have usually firmly lodged themselves in my head, I already know what they would look like and how they would behave. They just need to get out and on to paper! The hardest thing would be to have a blank page in front of me and have no idea where to start.

  2. Do you prefer sweeties or magic?

How could you ask me to choose? A life without either would be a very sad one indeed.

3. Which part of your creative process do you find most enjoyable?

Probably the story and character making bit. There's a moment when it all clicks into place and you know who they are, how they think and what they look like and it's a bit like magic.

(Check out more of the story here)

4. What's the most precious/useful thing in your work space?

Ooh, too many to choose from. My Mac. My sewing machine. My camera. My pencil. My rubber.

5. Do you have such a thing as a typical day? If so what's it like?

My days are a bit too manic, having three children and not enough time. On the two days a week I have to myself, they normally start with tea and a list!

6. Can you name 3 major influences on your work?

My sister. My mum. My children.

(this is some of Camilla's very clever sister's jewellery- check it out here )

7. If you could acquire a new skill overnight what would it be?
Can it be singing? Or super-strong arms so I could be a trapeze artist.

(as strong as this? Check out this fabulous box and more from the lovely shop Kettle of Fish Camilla highlighted on here blog)

8. Do Betty Butterscotch and Bumblewick Beesting ever fall out?

Not publicly. When it does happen, Bumblewick normally manages to smooth things over. Such a charmer, that one.

9. Of all the mixed up animals that the naughty monkey has created which is your favourite?
I have a soft spot for the Huffhopper, even though he has an ego large enough to fill the Big Top.

10. What can we look forward to seeing in your shop this year?
I'm working on a story book and a board game, which have both been running round my head for months now, pinching me every time I try to fall asleep.
Butterscotch and Beesting

Do go and check out Camilla's blog, facebook,and etsy shop

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